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Between 2000-2011, the Artists Professional Development Network (APD) was an important UK-wide intelligence and exchange forum for organisations pro-actively developing information, advice, training and professional development services for visual and applied artists.

Founder organisations included a-n The Artists Information Company, Artquest, Crafts Council, Fabrica and Space. APD network ran on a collaborative basis steered by a small dedicated committee drawn from the membership.

Members ranged from artist-led organisations to cultural industries bodies and Higher Education institutions. The APD network operated informally, responding to the need for discussion and knowledge-sharing by setting up a user-generated website, organising networking events and developing joint projects that strategically extended professional development methodology and knowledge.

In 2011, the current committee drew APD to a close, and the website was handed over to a-n The Artists Information Company. Updated occasionally, it now operates essentially as a signposting mechanism and archive of reports from activities that took place in 2010.

Walking Talking Making report

OSOP g39 research report

NFASP Value Added report

For visual artists seeking professional development opportunities, sign up to www.a-n.co.uk/jobs_and_opps

Organisations seeking to promote professional development services to visual artists should contact ads@a-n.co.uk